Yamaha B1 Upright Piano

Product Information

Music is a great past-time for many individuals with a creative side. Being able to create something and work with an instrument that is therapeutic, beautiful, and can improve one’s scholastic ability is rewarding on many levels. If you are looking to purchase such an instrument that you are going to love and that meets all these criteria, the obvious instrument for you is the piano! Yamaha is a large player in the music instrument industry, but they are especially known for their unique and wonderful selection of pianos.

The Yamaha B1 Upright piano is a gorgeous choice for those who are just beginning their musical career, but are also looking for a high quality piano that can stay with them throughout their learning progress. Choosing an upright piano can be beneficial if space in your home is limited and are ideal for flats and appartments.  This sleek and elegant looking piano will fit in with anyones decor and will really give your room a focal point.  The Yamaha B1 piano is only 109 centimetres tall and 148 centimetres wide, and yet still boasts a full 88-key setup. It is perfect for placement inside any living room and will add a touch of elegance to the room.

The Yamaha B1 Upright piano is also available with a Silent Piano option. This allows any music enthusiast to practice the piano and play to their heart’s delight without disturbing the others who may be in the same room but doing other past times. The silent Yamaha piano come equipped with a headphone socket so the pianist can hear their work. This type of technology is able to adjust the sound with the usage of the pedals. This technology completely preserves the natural sound of the instrument. It is a perfect solution to practicing an instrument in a busy home!

If you’re searching for an instrument that both sounds and looks beautiful, then a great starter piano is the Yamaha B1 Upright piano. This is an instrument that one can truly progress on and become an accomplished musician. Any person interested in advancing their musical talent would benefit from learning how to play the piano on a Yamaha B1 Upright piano. It is a wonderful learning tool and addition to anyones home.

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