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If you need to travel with you keyboard or stage piano then it is essential you have a good quality keyboard bag or case to keep your piano safe and secure.

Your main options are :

  • Piano / Keyboard Bags – These lightweight padded bags are often supplied with a shoulder strap making them ideal to get your piano to your next gig!
  • Piano / Keyboard Cases – For a more durable solution to your storage and transportation needs then a keyboard case takes things to the next level. Rigidly constructed and padded with foam these quality piano cases are often available with wheels to enable effortless moving of your piano from your car to venue! These are also referred to as flight cases and are the better option for long haul travel.

Keyboard bags are available from Classenti and BCK and hard piano cases are  supplied from Gator and Stagg.  This range of manufacturers are suitable for the following piano / keyboard brands:

Click here to use this excellent keyboard bag finder tool!

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