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Grand PianoThere are several different types of pianos. A piano is one of the most popular instruments in the world, whether used in an ensemble or played alone. The piano is played by the means of a keyboard and even though it is not an easily transportable instrument, it is still one of the most well-known. One of the most well known types of piano is a grand piano. This type of piano has strings that are extending away from the keyboard, with the strings and frame being in a horizontal position.

There are several sizes of grand pianos, although generally they are classified into three categories;

  • Concert Grand
  • Parlour Grand(aka Boudoir)
  • Baby Grand

A concert grand is the largest of these kinds of pianos and generally measures between 2.2 metres and 3 metres. The boudoir or parlour grand would be considered a medium sized grand piano and measures between 1.7 and 2.2 metres. The smallest grand is known as a baby grand piano and measures around 1.5 metres.

In general, the longer the piano strings are the richer the sound will be and the lower the inharmonicity of the strings will be. Inharmonicity is “the degree to which the frequencies of overtones depart from whole multiples of the fundamental frequency”. Pianos that have thicker and shorter strings, like a baby grand piano, will have greater inharmonicity. In essence, what this means is that the strings of a concert grand will produce more accurate vibrations, thus creating truer overtones, than the thicker strings that are present in a baby grand.

Equal temperament is a system of tuning where each pair of adjacent notes will have an identical frequency ratio. Strings that are longer, like those in a concert grand, mean the strings are able to be tuned closer to equal temperament as related to standard pitch and present less stretching during the piano tuning.

A full-size grand piano is mostly used for public concerts, hence the classification of a concert grand. A baby grand piano is normally the type of piano found in homes, mostly due to their lower cost and amount of space they will take up within the home. No matter what type of grand you are using, each key will have a repetition lever. When repeatedly pressing a key fairly quickly the lever will assist the control and speed of repeated trills and notes by catching the hammer close to the strings.

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