Classenti UP-112 Upright Piano

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Product Information

classenti up-112 upright piano white

Classenti UP-112 in White

For those interested this Piano is also available with a silent option so that you can play it with headphones on and not disturb anyone! Please click Shop Now for more details.


This upright piano from Classenti is suitable up to a grade 8 standard and boasts the following specifications:

  • A comprehensive 15 yr warranty that covers the main components of the piano (Main structure, iron frame, soundboard, pin block, strings, bridges, pedals, and mechanism)
  • The classenti UP-112 upright accoustic piano will be professionally tuned prior to delivery to ensure that you can begin to play it as soon as it arrives.
  • There piano is mounted on 4 wheels making the piano easy to manoeuvre around.
  • The UP-112 is equiped with pedals for Sustain, Soft and Practice.
  • This piano has an especially long music rest making it easy to use for duets.
  • To stop unwanted use of the piano in a public or private environment this Classenti piano is fitted with a locking keyboard lid (which also sports a slow closing action).


The piano is made from the finest materials with a few key parts listed here:

  • Hammer Felt (Germany)
  • Roslau Strings (Germany)
  • Mechanism: German, Renner technology
  • Superior, ultra flexible Tibetian spruce soundboard
  • Maple Wood Bridges
  • Agraffes throughout
  • Laminated wood pin block
  • Silver hardware throughout (Lock, hinges, rails)

The keys on the piano keyboard are imitation ivory for the white keys with a synthetic black being used for the black keys.

The Classenti UP-112 Piano weight and dimensions are:

  • Height 112cm (approx 44 inches)
  • Length 145cm (approx 57 inches)
  • Depth 59.5cm (approx 23.4 inches)
  • Weight: 220kg

This upright piano is available in the following colours:

  • Polished Ebony
  • Polished White
  • Polished Mahogany


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