Classenti CDP1 Digital Piano

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Classenti CDP1 Digital Piano

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A pianist searching for an attractive, well-crafted instrument upon which to play should consider the Classenti CDP1, a digital piano that retains the benefits of a regular piano but has several added features.

The Classenti CDP1 has 88 keys, making the keyboard the same size as it is on a normal piano. Unlike with many electronic keyboards, the individual keys respond to the varying degrees of pressure put upon them, so that a note will sound softer when you touch the keyboard lightly than when you pound on the key. There are also three different touch settings at which you can put the digital piano, so you can play more forcefully when others are gathered around you and more quietly when you are merely practicing.

In addition to having two regular and two electric piano settings, the Classenti can imitate several other instruments: the harpsichord, the organ, strings and the vibraphone. Another cool feature is the ability to record your own music. This is especially nice because you can play duets with yourself. The piano also comes with a metronome, which is extremely useful to beginning students but remains a handy tool for anyone trying to master a particularly tricky rhythm.

Like most normal pianos, this digital variety comes equipped with three pedals. The one most likely to get a lot of use is the sustain pedal, which is on the right and allows a pianist to draw out notes for an extended period of time even though they are not currently being pressed. The sostenuto pedal, which is in the middle, serves a similar purpose but only extends notes while those keys are held down. The soft pedal, on the left, is fairly self-explanatory, as its purpose is to make the music sound quieter.

It has an AC adapter included with it, along with two headphone jacks so that you can play your music without needing to disturb anyone else who might be in the house. If you are in the habit of accompanying singers, another handy feature is the ability to instantly transpose what you are playing into another key. This can be especially useful for church organists, as it allows them to easily coordinate with singers of different ranges, along with instrumentalists. Indeed, in many ways this is an ideal instrument for a church, as its amplification and organ setting allow it to imitate an organ quite convincingly, but it’s considerably less bulky and can be played by someone who is proficient on the piano but not the organ.

The Classenti CDP1 digital piano is easy to assemble and weighs about 99 pounds, or 45 kg. It’s 52.4 inches (133 cm) long, 31.5 inches (80 cm) high and 14.2 inches (36 cm) deep, making it full-sized but not too large to fit in a typical living room. With so many great features, including demo songs, practice songs and a handy music stand, this is a handsome instrument that would make a good addition to any musician’s home.

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