Digital Piano

Product Information

Digital PianoA digital piano may not offer the same sound and feel as a traditional piano, but can serve as an efficient substitute. It is an electronic musical instrument that actually offers consumers several advantages over a normal piano. Digital pianos are:

  • Generally less expensive than an acoustic piano
  • Easier to record with due to the fact they do not require the use of a microphone
  • Generally smaller and much lighter, although larger versions are available
  • Able to produce sounds mimicking other instruments such as guitars and other string instruments
  • Likely to incorporate a MIDI implementation

A digital piano also offers several other advantages as well. Since there are no strings, these pianos do not require any tuning. They also provide more features that assist users in composition as well as learning. Many of them also have a transposition feature and include an output for headphones. It is for these reasons that many people prefer having an electric piano in their home.

An digital electric piano has the ability to produce many sounds. It may have settings that enable it to sound like a grand piano, a tack piano, an upright piano, or a number of different electric pianos. It also has a number of synthesizer sounds that can be produced. The samples that are stored within the piano are generally of high quality, but the sound that is produced will not be as clean or resonate as much as a regular acoustic piano.

A digital piano can come in a multitude of forms, from vaguely resembling an upright piano to uniquely and unconventionally designed models. Common forms of digital pianos include what are known as stage pianos, that are specifically designed for playing with a live band, and models that include modules of piano samples without the presence of a keyboard.

Similar to traditional pianos, most digital pianos have keyboards and built in pedals to modify the behavior of the instrument similar to a traditional piano. There are models that may omit certain pedals, but these models normally include jacks that will enable the user to add a pedal if they so desire. Some of the top manufacturers of digital pianos include:

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